Accepted payment methods

Pay in the online shop with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dai, Ethereum, Litecoin and USD Coin.

Delivery to
prepayment Bitcoin Bitcoin Cash Litecoin Ethereum Dai USD Coin
Switzerland Private client
Lichtenstein Private client
EU Private client


Please transfer the invoice amount to our account. Please state your invoice number and the name of the customer.

Bank: Raiffeisenbank Aadorf
For payments in Swiss francs:
CHF Konto:
IBAN: CH41 8080 8001 9771 6772 9
For payments in Euro:
EUR Konto:
IBAN: CH16 8080 8001 7878 8732 6

If you still have questions regarding the payment methods, please contact us.

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¹ previous price goldengreen GMBH
² compared to previous price goldengreen GMBH
³ B-ware is goods with errors in the packaging or the article. please read the details in the product description.
⁴ Factory Overrun Ware is ware from overproduction.
⁵ Specification: ≤ 1.0% w/w
⁶ choose regular delivery and save. there are no further fees. cancellation possible at any time.