Event Packaging

GOLDENGREEN, the PLUS for your event

Whether concert, festival, sports and cultural event, investors' meeting, conference, company anniversary or private celebration - goldengreen expands the potential!

Every event is unique and offers unique possibilities. Every event is basically not repeatable, but it can lay the foundation for another, even more successful event.

We at goldengreen offer you the opportunity to make your visitors even happier and in the best case we will make you unforgettable as an organizer.

You can let it cost you something or even better: You generate additional profits with our goldengreen products.

We supply you with our ready to sell joints, blunts and accessories. On request, we can even provide the sales staff and handle the entire process for you on a commission basis.
No work for you - only added value!

But it gets really exciting when we use the goldengreen designers. From a minimum quantity of only 1,000 packaging units, your own product is finished. Based on your brand or your event branding, the joint or blunt packaging is produced. Piece by piece your message will be conveyed with the sale - real added value!

We help you to increase an extraordinary event - goldengreen Event Packaging!

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² compared to previous price goldengreen GMBH
³ B-ware is goods with errors in the packaging or the article. please read the details in the product description.
⁴ Factory Overrun Ware is ware from overproduction.
⁵ Specification: ≤ 1.0% w/w
⁶ choose regular delivery and save. there are no further fees. cancellation possible at any time.