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All goldengreen product developments have experienced a thought right from the start: Sell better.
And for this reason, goldengreen products are not only beautiful and unique in design. The product and packaging concept was adapted exactly to the best sales conditions.

goldengreen products are high-quality and you can see that at first glance. We want to capture the eyes of the customers and make them happy with the purchase.

You as a dealer in particular, our design also supports quite well thought out. Our Joint- and Blunt-packages are easy to hang and effective in advertising. Customers can buy an entire unit or purchase individual items by quickly bending them off.

And because we love short distances, we have created special online access for our resellers. Here you see our complete assortment, the current availability and your reseller prices. Here you can order quickly and easily with just a few clicks. goldengreen - we work for our partners!

Become a reseller of goldengreen products today.

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¹ previous price goldengreen GMBH
² compared to previous price goldengreen GMBH
³ B-ware is goods with errors in the packaging or the article. please read the details in the product description.
⁴ Factory Overrun Ware is ware from overproduction.
⁵ Specification: ≤ 1.0% w/w
⁶ choose regular delivery and save. there are no further fees. cancellation possible at any time.